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Accounts from a pendrive

Ever needed the flexibility and security over your accounts? Well now, AccountSafe is able to run from a USB Pendrive. Simply install the software directly from the installation file onto your USB device and then carry it with you.

Version 3.0 released

The latest suite of improvements to AccountSafe is now available.

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Product Highlights

AccountSafe provides a rich environment designed to enable users and accountants to manupilate data in a way that makes sense to them.

This section picks out the key features depending upon which version of the product you choose.

AccountSafe comes in 3 versions.

Demo version - Contains all the features of the full version with the sole restriction of 500 transaction entries.

Reader version - Contains all features required to give project managers flexibility of investigating their accounts and generating reports including budget vs actual reports without changing the data.

Full version - Contains all the features required to operate AccountSafe.

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Creditor / Debtor functions
Import / Export functions
Budget functions
Data mangement features
System codes
System level operations