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Accounts from a pendrive

Ever needed the flexibility and security over your accounts? Well now, AccountSafe is able to run from a USB Pendrive. Simply install the software directly from the installation file onto your USB device and then carry it with you.

Version 3.0 released

The latest suite of improvements to AccountSafe is now available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Integration FAQs

Can AccountSafe Export to Excel
AccountSafe has a considerable number of reports available. All reports and any screens that show lists of information can be exported directly into Excel.

The data can also be directly exported to Excel. One of the formats the export facility has is CSV, others include XML and GreenTrees.

Can AccountSafe import data from Excel
AccountSafe can indeed do this. The way this works is that each 'entity' ( be that a safe, bank account or person) has a single cash account. The spreadsheets are completed and the user then goes into the cash account and imports the relevant spreadsheet. There is generally some tidying up that is required particularly in relation to transfers. When one person gives money to another (or you take it out of the bank account) then the system needs to know where the money came from or to. In doing this exchange rates can be established also e.g. I convert GBP100 for USD170, I will have 2 cash accounts and a transfer from one to the other estabished an exchange rate between GBP and USD.

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General FAQs

Currency FAQs
AccountSafe is a powerful tool for managing the complexities of currencies in a fast changing environment. These FAQs try to answer some of the common questions.

Integration FAQs
AccountSafe can work with other programs. This section discusses issues related to these function.